2018 – Sony Pictures Imageworks

Here’s the trailer of the past feature film I worked on.

From Warner Bros

My Job : Lighting and compositing.

Softwares : Katana, Arnold, Nuke

Sherlock Gnomes 2

2017- 2018  Mikros Image

Here’s the trailer of the feature film I’m currently working on.

Produced by Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC)

My Job : Lighting and compositing.

Softwares : Katana, Arnold, Nuke

Non Non

2017 – Autour de Minuit

Special Episode of an animated TV show « Non-non – Deluge a Sous-bois-les-bains » – A film by Mathieu Auvray, Written by Léonie De Rudder and Thierry Gaudin, According to the albums of the collection « Non-Non » by Magali Le Huche published by Tourbillon Editions. A production Around Midnight / Canal + France / 26 Min

My Job : Lighting

Software : Blender

Non Non

MicroMachine #1

2016 –  Personnal Project

My job: All aspects

Sound by Vivien Delva

Software : Maya, Substance painter, Arnold, After Effects, Flash

La Chouette et Cie Saison 02

2016 – Studio Hari

TV Serie « La chouette et Cie » Saison 02 – directed by Victor Moulin, Jérôme Houlier, Alexandre Wahl – producted by Josselin Charier & Antoine Rodelet. Artistic direction by Edouard Cellura.

My Job : Lead lighting & Look development

Software : Guerilla render, Mari
La Chouette et Cie Saison 02


2014 – personal project

I have done all aspects.

Software : Maya, Vray, Photoshop, After Effects, Realflow

Commercial La Boulangere

2014 – Fortiche

Commercial La Boulangère

My job : texturing, lighting, shading, compositing

Software : 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop, After Effects

Feed The Sparrows

2013 –  Fortiche

Teaser  Feed The Sparrows

My job : lighting, shading, compositing

Software : 3ds Max, Vray, After Effects


2013 –  Student project 3 weeks

Last student project in my second year of Master Degree at the University Paris 8. Directed by Marianne Doncieux, Freddy Clément, Samy Khalil and me.

My Job : all aspects in the second part of the movie (after construction of the machine)


2012 – Student project 3 weeks

Last student project in my first year of Master Degree at the University Paris 8. Directed by Corentin Bachelet, Claire Estoup, Samy Khalil and me.

My job : all aspects on some plans.

Projet Luciole

2012 – Student project 3 weeks

Student project in my year of Master Degree at the University Paris 8. Directed by Arthur Villiers-Moriamé, Eva Virlouvet, Marianne Doncieux and me.

My job : modeling, shading, lighting

Carrefour de l’animation

2011 – Student project 3 days

Project realised for the event « carrefour de l’animation » in 2011 The film was screened at the « Forum des images » in Paris. Directed by Céline Mougel, Emily Aguilar, Charlotte Fremont and me.

My job : modeling, texturing, animation

Animation Chainee

2011 – Student project 1 week

Directed by Marianne Doncieux, Freddy Clément and me.

My job : all aspects on some plans.